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Oiseaux Sisters Virtual Exhibit and Sales Gallery

Welcome to the Oiseaux Sisters Sales Gallery, our virtual exhibition hall. All of our work is one of a kind and created either individually or jointly. As mixed media artists, we craft objects that tell a story. We use metal, wood, cloth, clay, plaster, paper and paint to suggest a narrative. Sometimes a found object may start the process. An old key, a glove, a hat, a lunch box or ball of twine may initiate the imagining. Perhaps a text may claim us. A song lyric, a poet's language, a fragment of a letter from home, or a folk tale or myth might start the process. An image may be the catalyst. It may be from art history, family history, the view of a favorite place, person or thing. We invite you to browse through the images by entering one of the six galleries listed above. Enjoy!
(If you hold your cursor over the Vincent toy, you will see him move.)

Bali bird
oiseaux sisters
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